Structural Tendency VII - XI

by Super Fata

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This is the follow-up album to Super Fatas 2013 debut album “Structural Tendency”.

Musical sound is our oldest form of expression, older than visual arts, older than the spoken word, the spoken word likely originating from a musical proto language. It touches us directly in deep, emotional and sophisticated ways. Through the heart beats of a mother, with the sounds of the mothers body working, and layered behind that; the more distant sounds of the outside world, the infant learns long before birth to connect rhythm and layers of sound to deep emotions.

Animals communicate in musical ways; having signature calls telling the world they´re here. With a vast range of sounds they attract mates, warn competing animals that enter their territory, express emotions and navigate within complex social structures.

I believe music predates man, which may be why it has such a profound impact on us; resonating with a core deep within us, beyond our humanity.

For this album I wanted to compose soundscapes where both the primal and the sophisticated, the subconscious and the visionary, was represented within the same expression.

- Jan Roos


released April 25, 2017

Composed, performed and produced by Jan Roos.



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Super Fata Oslo, Norway

Super Fata is the music project of norwegian composer and musician Jan Roos.

The style ranges from ambient bliss to drones of the deepest abyss, sometimes harmonic, sometimes atonal, or seamlessly moving between the two.

His approach to music is heavily influenced by an extension of synesthesia, where senses and sensations are intertwined; everything experienced as an aspect of something else.
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