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Always in the flow of creating electronic, ambient, experimental, drone and soundscape music, this is an opportunity to make sure you receive all Super Fata releases, the complete back catalogue and future releases, plus tracks and content not available elsewhere, including unreleased exclusive tracks, alternate versions, take outs from albums, experiments and work in progress and rarities like old, early works. Many of these exclusives will have notes and back stories added. Being able to include the listeners and fans in the creative process like this is an amazing thing.
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Super Fata
Oslo, Norway
Super Fata is the music project of norwegian composer and electronic musician Jan Roos.

The music is sometimes harmonic, sometimes atonal, or seamlessly moving between the two. Most of the music is deeply multi layered.

Roos´ approach to music is heavily influenced by an extension of synesthesia, where senses and sensations are intertwined; everything experienced as an aspect of something else.

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